“Iconoclastic “

“East Village gallery Civilian Warfare in 1982, which became a focal point for some of the most aggressive installations, performances and paintings being shown at the time.”

L. Miller


“Civilian Warfare Gallery — which really launched the careers of Wojnarowicz, Greer Lankton, Judy Glantzman, Luis Frangella, Huck Snyder, Richard Hambleton, et al”

M. Carter


“Civilian Warfare Gallery, an infamous art gallery in East Village section of Manhattan,New York City was a cutting edge and successful promoter of many well-known artists from the 1980’s.”

Art in America


“Civilian Warfare promulgates the archetypal down-in-the-gutter-with-a-handful-of-glitter East Village aesthetic”

May1981, David Pimanelli, Artforum International


Alan Barrows and Dean Savard opened their gallery in New York City’s gritty East Village intending to show the artwork of their friends; the gallery quickly caught the attention of art critics and the media.

Soon the small space saw artwork going into some of the most prestigious corporate and museum collections in the world.

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